Peter believes that the federal government needs to make significant investments in critical infrastructure to address the needs of communities across the country. These investments are crucial to better connect our communities, provide economic opportunities, and create a safer community. 

  • Create good jobs by rebuilding America’s aging infrastructure including roads, bridges, water systems, and airports
  • Build out high speed affordable internet service in rural areas to help students, families, farms, and businesses succeed
  • Rebuild dilapidated schools to create safe and healthy learning environments
  • Invest in programs, projects, and materials that emphasize resiliency while reducing carbon pollution from the transportation sector, including electric vehicles and alternative fuel charging infrastructure
  • Modernize our infrastructure to reduce gridlock, address bottlenecks, and make roads smarter and safer for all users, including pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Invest in clean water and wastewater infrastructure to support efficiency and affordability and prevent pollution